Where do your donations go?

Your monetary contributions continue to fund and sustain the services that we are able to offer and aid the people of the community. For example: 

  • 90 - 110 families, around 300 individuals are fed through the bimonthly distributions

  • 50 homebound individuals are able to receive deliveries to their homes once-a-month

  • 80 - 100 households with children under 18 receive backpacks containing child-friendly food 



Drive to 500,000:

The Gibson Area Food Pantry is closing in on a major milestone in its history: 500,000 meals served. At the current pace, the pantry will reach the mark February 2023, eight years to the month after it originally opened, but it needs the community’s help to reach its goal.


To donate to the pantry and help the Drive to 500,000, send checks payable to Gibson Area Food Pantry at the Hospital to:
           Gibson Area Food Pantry at the Hospital
           PO Box 324
           Gibson City, IL 60936




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